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Shear Paradise

Luxury one-on-one dog grooming services, for your furry family member,

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Peeping Dog

Each package includes: bathing, nail trim, ear cleaning, gland expression, hand drying, haircut, finishing spray and a bow/bandana.

*upgrades for shampoos/conditioners and nail grinding available. 

Luxury Haircuts

Closeup of a Black Dog

All baths include:

bath, ear cleaning, gland expression, nail trim, hand drying, brush out, scented finishing spray, bow and bandana.

*Upgrades for shampoos/conditioner, and nail grinding available.

Spa Bathing

Add Ons

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1) Specialty shampoos + conditioners.

2) Deshed treatment

3) Nail Grinding

4) Teeth brushing



Hi, my name is Staci, and I am the owner/sole groomer, of Shear Paradise Dog Grooming. I have a lot of experience with dogs with disabilities, such as paralysis, seizures, diabetes, anxiety, and minor aggression. I try to have an environment that is most calming for your fur-baby, and therefore offer one-on-one appointments. I have been grooming for over 9 years,and feel this is my true calling.

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